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Locally Sourced

The Q Shack Locally Sourced

Our "secret ingredient" is our NC farmer and rancher.  Fresh, seasonal produce and locally raised meats taste better, are better for our environment and nurture our local economy.  We use natural ingredients and smoke our meats over locally harvested Hickory woods.  Meet our farmers below:

  • Stanley Hughes from Pine Knot Farms, farms 200 acres of certified, organic produce and provides us with sweet potatoes, collards and cabbage year-round, and lettuces, tomatoes, squashes, pink-eyed purple hulled peas, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and an assortment of other farm fresh produce throughout the summer season.
  • Atkinson Mill is our trusted milling partner.  They provide us our hushpuppy mix (and developed the machinery that dispenses them into our oil!) and corn bread meal. Ray and his wife Betsy have owned Atkinson's for 50 years, restoring what was a spent water grist mill into one of North Carolina's true treasures.
  • Mills Family Farms provide our beef and hamburger from pastured raised cattle.  The farm has been in the family since 1935 and is an Iredell County Farmland Preservation District.  
  • Heritage Farms and Pasture Raised Pork Company provide the majority of our pork and pork products.  Locally raised, heritage breeds provide true "pork flavor" and excellent marbling and delicious bacon, St. Louis Ribs and pork loin.  We are working on a sausage blend...so stay tuned!

We add new farmers throughout the year- feel free to drop us a line about your favorite farmer and we'll see how to make his or her food come to life on our menu!



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